International Journal

Call for Papers
Organizing Committee; the Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand, is pleased to accept the academic papers which will be presented in the annual academic conference. We encourage the papers addressing humanities and social science in the subject areas of

- Commercial Arts
- Hotel and Tourism
- Law
- Education
- Business Administration
- Economics
- Accounting
- Other related field

# Manuscript Evaluation
Articles to be published must:
- be their original work, which has not been previously published nor under consideration for publication elsewhere;
- conform to the journal objectives;
- undergo the double - blind peer review process, including at least two experts in the same field.

# Schedule of Publication
2 issue per year; published in January – June and July - December

Type of Academic Papers

1. Research Article is the systematic research presentation which contains the introduction of problem and its significance - including objectives, researching process, summary, suggestions, acknowledgements (if any), and references.
2. Academic Article is the writing for academic purpose with an interesting topic and should be new knowledge. The content includes the introduction of problems, objectives, problem solution, summary and application of Theoretical Framework and research papers from other sources – meaning the use of books, academic publications, online database for analysis, criticism and finally to suggest solutions.

Article Component

Research Article

1. Article Title in English
2. Author’s name including academic position and institution/office
3. A brief summary of a research article (Abstract) both in English. The abstract, not exceeding 15 lines or 200 words, should include objectives, Research Methodology, sample group, duration of research, process, result and summary, also indicate the keywords (maximum 5 words)
4. Article content should contain the following topics
4.1 Research Problem’s significance
4.2 Research Objectives
4.3 Scope of Study
4.4 Research hypothesis
4.5 Literature Review and concept
4.6 Research Methodology (indicate how information and data are collected, duration of data collection, Year of
research, and Data analysis)
4.7 Research result with pictures, charts or graphs as needed.
4.8 Conclusion, Discussion and Suggestions (Policy Recommendation, suggestion for
the practice, and suggestion for the next research)
4.9 References using APA (American Psychological Association) style or with the same format for all references
4.10 The Article summarized from thesis or dissertation should have advisor’s name indicated with academic position
and institution, next to researcher’s name. Articles that follow the instructions will be considered and
conducted immediately.

Academic Article
Academic article is academic presentation on the topic that people currently show great interest in, consisting of;
1. Article Title, Author’s name, Author’s address and contact, and summary including keywords (maximum 5 words).
2. Article content should contain the following topics
2.1 Introduction - to mention of the attractiveness in the article
2.2 Content – to present the detail of each interesting point
2.3 Conclusion – to enable reader to understand the article
2.4 Author’s Recommendation relating to interesting points in the article

Author should clearly check content of the article. Academic article must present the development of an interesting story. The content must be presented in the wide range, and that can be understood by lecturers, students, and readers from other fields.